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What Brands To Trust When Driving Through A Winter Wonderland

Wind, sleet, snow, hail, rain and black ice cause numerous accidents every winter but lack of proper traction and snow tires especially when driving through those conditions caused many accidents as well. Assuming you don’t read Suomi, the language of Finland that sounds like a mashup of Dutch and Klingon, there are few road signs […]

Major Security Flaw In Connected Cars, Must Be Corrected

When driving to work you do not want to worry that your car may be taken over or the information connected to your car may be hacked. So before the population can drive the amazing connected autonomous vehicles these features must be secure.   Connected vehicles hold tremendous potential for improving road safety while simultaneously reducing energy […]

What to do when you get a flat tire

Flat tires suck and are often unpredictable and unavoidable. Sure you can take all the precautions that you want like buying expensive new tires to handle all kinds of weather conditions. But if you run over something sharp while going 70 on a highway you’ll probably going to have to pull over. Hopefully you’ll never […]