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United States Worst Drivers and The Greatest Ones Too

How is your driving? Do you have road rage and whip around every car, or do you take your time and make sure to follow every rule in the drivers manual? With motor vehicle fatality rates on the rise, it’s paramount that motorists take extra precautions on the nation’s highways, especially with the busy Labor […]

Does The Driving Test Really Prove You Can Drive

Young drivers are more at risks then any age for accidents. Although legally they can drive, doesn’t mean that they know how to actually drive in real life situations. Passing the state driver’s licensing test does not always mean new drivers have the critical skills they need to drive safely, but researchers said they developed […]

Customization, Making The Interior As Pretty as the Exterior

Each added feature allows you to drive in style. The comfort of your drive should be the deciding factor that sets the car apart from the hundreds of other cars with the same key concepts. You’ll be hard-pressed to find an ugly car in any showroom these days. The exteriors are that good. It is inside […]

Researchers find Breathing Polluted Air Diminishes Cognitive Abilities

Air pollution harms more than our lungs. European researchers have found that breathing polluted air also impairs brain function. Scientists have known for a while that reduced lung function can have harmful effects on our brains, and they’ve thought that pollution hinders our cognitive response through this lung connection. What’s interesting about this latest study, […]

Car Blows in the Wind

No April Fools joke here,  a car powered primarily by wind and kites has made it across a vast swathe of Australia, enduring searing heat and freezing cold along the way — and all for roughly $10 Australian. The more than 5,000 km (3,100 mile) journey of the “Wind Explorer” was the first major test […]

Green Auto Parts Video

I just watched a really great video from OARA (Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association) and thought I would share it with you.  The auto recycling industry is such an important part of building a greener earth!

The Onion Asks Mother Nature to Chip in on Going Green!

This one over at is a real hit with us green lean’in folks! WASHINGTON—The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency called a press conference Monday to publicly denounce the environment for blatantly refusing to pull its weight in mankind’s ongoing efforts at ecological conservation. “For 40 years, we have worked tirelessly to ensure the health and […]

Too Fat to Sit on this Bench?

Funny advertisement in Germany with a made with a flexible material to shock people into thinking about how heavy they are, and convince them that 99.9% fat-free Special K was the way to fix the problem.

Is there really Global Warming? Funny!

A skeptics view of the truth behind the Global Warming Scare!

Let the Lobster Live!

Out in Nova Scotia an animal rights group has sent an urgent appeal to a Nova Scotia lobster fisherman thinking of selling a giant lobster, believed to be more than 100 years old. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is asking Beau Gillis to let the old lobster live by allowing a PETA […]