Trade Your Transport

Trade Your Transport is known as ‘The Clean, Green, Car Recycling Scheme’ as it encourages people to recycle their older more polluting cars and choose from one of the exciting rewards on offer.  This UK initiative promises to help get these older cars off the road.

Alison Price, Press Officer for, the company behind Trade Your Transport, said “Taking old cars off the road can be of great benefit to the environment, to our health and to society – as long as it’s done correctly. Every car recycled through Trade Your Transport will be treated at a Cartakeback Recycling Centre, where we remove the hazardous materials including oils, batteries and tyres, which would cause serious environmental damage if they ended up down the drain or in landfill. The idea behind Trade Your Transport is to encourage people to recycle their old car legally and responsibly. We will reward them by offering them better value for their scrap car with the help of our Official Partners.”

In North America there are many similar programs that help you scrap your old cars by either taking cash for your car or donating the proceeds to charity.