Crow Vehicle De-Pollution System

Recently Crow Environmental and the Green Vehicle Disposal Program have teamed up to spread the word about responsible vehicle depollution. Crow Environmental originally formed in 2001, They launched their first vehicle de-pollution unit in 2003. Since then over 500 units have been installed in the UK alone.

More than 4000 hours of design and development time have gone into producing the most modern and we believe effective de-pollution system currently available.

Speed of operation, rugged design and a no compromise approach to health and safety are our fundamental design requirements.

All products are ATEX approved and CE marked.

Our management team come from an automotive equipment background, having previously owned and run market leading Spray-booth and vehicle lift businesses.

We believe in letting our products do the talking so if you see something you like on our web site why not contact us and we will arrange for you to meet one of our customers and let them tell you what they think.

For more information contact USA: 540-255-4909 In Canada: 416-800-1351

Or visit Crow Environmental at their website.