Breaking News Cash for Clunkers – CARS

There is lots of new information posted on the CARS site and we will be looking through it and offering opinions shortly.

Consumers Bill of Rights:

  • Qualified consumers may participate in the CARS Program between July 1, 2009 and November 1, 2009 until authorized funds are no longer available.
  • Qualified consumers will receive a credit of $3,500 or $4,500 for an eligible trade-in toward the purchase or lease of an approved vehicle under the CARS Program.
  • Qualified consumers will receive the $3500 or $4,500 at the time they purchase their new vehicle.
  • Consumers are eligible for any other advertised rebates or discounts in combination with the credit they receive through the CARS Program.
  • Consumers should expect to conduct their deals at their dealership of choice, not on the internet.
  • Consumers should expect the dealer’s to provide their best estimate of the scrap value for their eligible trade-in vehicle.
  • Consumers should expect that all information collected through the CARS Program will be kept confidential.