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More Friday Fun from the Dutch

Ok, this is not only a bit funny but very cool.  It is a new concept windmill from our friends from the Netherlands.

Make Recycling Easier

I read an interesting post over at Treehugger and I can certainly relate to it. Just got off the phone with a customer service rep, from our metro (Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling) recycling program and have to say I’m almost ready to throw in the towel and throw everything in the trash. We’ve been […]

We Support ‘Green’ Car Disposal

But this one is too nice to dispose of, it brings new meaning to the chia pet.

Humor Fridays – Cash for Clunkers

I found a very funny bit over at theOnion about Cash for Clunkers so I thought I would share.

Cash for Clunkers Lives On

So the money went fast, very fast and with a lot of confusion too.  But now President Obama has signed a bill to add another 2 billion dollars in emergency funds to the program. The additional funds come less than a week after confusing and conflicting messages about the program’s possible termination from the White […]